Becky Citra

Twenty-one fun ideas to use The Enchanted Theater series
in your classroom...

  1. Read lots of versions of the Ancient Greek myths. Pick your favourite.
  2. Explore myths from other cultures eg. Norse, Mayan, African
  3. Have your own Enchanted Theater and put on a play about one of
      the myths.
  4. Research a Greek god.
  5. Make a Wanted Poster for a Greek god.
  6. Make a time capsule. Fill a tin can with items you would take back in
      time or into the future.
  7. Pack a magic backpack to take to the moon, the North Pole, a jungle,
      a desert etc.
  8. Design a maze and put a monster in the middle.
  9. Write riddles on scrolls. Dye the paper in tea to make it look old.
10. Write your own version of a myth. Put yourself in it.
11. Write a different ending to a myth.
About The Enchanted Theater series

Who could fail to love a series that time travels into the Greek myths according to an Enchanted Theater Rule Book? . . . It’s an inspired way to introduce primary students to classical mythology.

12. Compare illustrations of the Greek gods from a variety of books.
13. Research Greek ships.
14. Make a story map for Jeremy and the Golden Fleece
15. Make a map of the Underworld (Hades.)
16. Turn a chapter into Reader’s Theater.
17. Look at different illustrations of Cerberus (three headed dog.) Design a
      monster with 6 heads, 4 eyes etc.
18. Eat a pomegranate or drink pomegranate juice (Forbidden Fruit of the Dead!)
19. Survey the types and numbers of pet cats in your school. Make a graph.
20. Read about life in Ancient Greece.
21. Watch the Walt Disney movie Hercules.

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