School Campout

Illustrated by:
Susan Gardos


Scholastic Canada Ltd.

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School Campout

Ages 7-11

77 pages, 10 chapters

The Story

David’s heart thudded. He groped for the flashlight in the darkness. His fingers brushed through the crackly leaves and touched something fuzzy. He gulped. Bear fur?

When Mr. Foster announces that the class is going camping at Wildwood Ranch, everyone cheers - except David. The only thing he can think about is danger. What if they get lost in the woods? What if they meet a bear? It might be okay if David could share a tent with his best friends Jason, Matt and Jonathon. Instead, he’s stuck with the weird new boy Bradley. What could a city slicker like Bradley know about the wilderness?  It looks like the school campout is going to be one disaster after another! But as David faces some of his deepest fears, he learns some surprising things about Bradley and gains a new friend.

What people are saying about School Campout

A fast-paced read with a familiar situation (school), an element of surprise (the  camping adventure), and a happy ending. The print is large, the vocabulary appropriate and the story inviting. Young readers will identify with the concerns of the grade three kids. And if they’ve never been camping, this book will no doubt spark an interest.

Quill and Quire November 1996
A welcome addition to school and library first novel collections. The inclusion of camping and nature lore will make it particularly appealing to would-be campers.
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