Strawberry Moon

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Strawberry Moon

Ages 7 - 11

90 pages, 10 chapters

The Story

Sarah made a clicking sound with her tongue. She poured out a stream of words in Indian to Peter. “What is Sarah saying?” I asked. “She says the fox needs its mother,” said Annie. “She said the cow’s milk is not right.” A hollow feeling filled my chest. Annie looked down at the floor. She whispered, “My grandmother says Lucky will die.”

The year is 1838 and Ellie’s grandmother has arrived in Upper Canada all the way from England. Ellie is horrified that the forbidding old woman is determined to take her back to Britain to raise her properly. Ellie feels that she can do nothing that pleases her grandmother and resents the time she must spend with the old lady. When Ellie rescues an orphaned fox cub, she keeps it a secret from everyone. Eventually she is forced to enlist her grandmother’s help and she finds her supportive in many surprising ways.

*Recommended selection in Canadian Children’s Book   Center “Our Choice 2006”


What people are saying about Strawberry Moon
Becky Citra has written an excellent story portraying the life of a young girl and her family in Upper Canada. . . . Citra, an elementary school teacher as well as a writer, obviously knows children well and uses this knowledge to write an outstanding book that boys and girls will enjoy reading. This story would also be a valuable addition to a classroom study of early Canada.
CM Magazine Volume XII  Number  2 September 2005
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