Dog Days

Illustrated by:
Helen Flook


Orca Book Publishers

Pub Date: 

$ 7.95

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Dog Days

Ages 7 - 10

93 pages, 12 chapters

The Story

This birthday was getting a little bit better. Brady took a big breath. If he tiptoes, he could sneak outside without anyone noticing. He turned to leave the room. A low growl sent prickles up his spine. In the shadowy hallway, a pair of white fangs gleamed. Grit was blocking the doorway.

Brady is a terrible card player and he doesn’t like dogs. His mother has moved him across the country to be nearer his grandfather who insists on playing endless games of Crazy Eights and whose ornery ancient dog Grit makes Brady’s life miserable. The girl next door, Abra, is nice to him, but she dresses like a witch. The only way that Brady can see to make friends in his new home is to enter the upcoming dog show, but how is he going to do that without a dog? In desperation, he volunteers to look after his crazy grandfather while his mom is at work. Brady goes from one disaster to another as he attempts to train Grit in time for the show.

*Nominated for the Hackmatack Award 2005

*Recommended selection in Canadian Children’s Book   News 2003
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